Applicant Information
Type The undersigned (hereinafter referred to individually or collectively as “Applicant”) hereby applies for membership in Alpine Hills Tennis and Swimming Club, Inc. (the “Club”).

First Name:

Last Name:

Marital Status:



Applicant 1:
Applicant 2:

The members of Applicant’s household (the “Family”) are as follows:


Relationship to Applicant:


Email (if applicable):

Release of Liability:
Applicant understands that the use of Club facilities may involve risk of bodily harm and/or damage to or loss of property. Applicant, on behalf of the Family, assumes the risk of any such bodily harm and/or damage to or loss of property, agrees that the Club will not be responsible for any such bodily harm and/or damage to or loss of property, and agrees to indemnify, defend and hold the Club harmless from any and all claims arising from any such bodily harm and/or damage to or loss of property.

Joint and Several Liability:
Applicant shall be jointly and severally liable for any and all claims, charges, dues, assessments and monetary obligations due to the Club incurred by any Family member.


Applicant understands, acknowledges, and agrees that:

  • The Membership application deposit is non-refundable. Upon admission to the Club as a full member, Applicant’s application deposit will be applied toward the initiation fee. The Applicant will be responsible for paying the balance of the remaining initiation fee, and all dues, fees and assessments. All members are responsible to pay applicable dues, fees and assessments in a timely manner.
  • A Membership consists of immediate family members only and Applicant’s children are no longer considered members upon reaching the age of 25.
  • The Membership initiation fee and monthly dues may change at any time during the application process and Applicant will be subject to any such changes.
  • Upon resigning from the Club, Applicant will be entitled to 20% of the initiation fee at the time of resignation, and is responsible to pay all dues, fees and assessments until Applicant’s membership is filled by the Club

Upon becoming full members, Applicant agrees that:

  • Applicant has received the Club’s latest audited financial statement and is familiar with the Club’s financial position.
  • Applicant has read and understands the Club’s bylaws, rules and regulations (the “Member Obligations”) and understands that they may change from time to time. Applicant, on behalf of the Family, agrees to abide by, and be subject to, the Member Obligations and Club policies, and agrees to abide by, and be subject to, resolutions of the Club’s Board of Directors and actions approved by Club’s shareholders.

By Applicant’s signature below, Applicant agrees to all of the foregoing.

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