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2015 Fitness and Weight Loss Challenges -   Dates vary
This is quarterly fitness and weight loss group/class that will help you “stay on track” or “get back on track.” Workouts are generally two times per week, outdoors and are high intensity classes to help you achieve your maximum fat burn. Question contact

Beyond the Barre

Monday & Friday 8:30-9:30am & 9:45am, Weds. 9:45-10:45am & Tues & Thurs 6:00-7:00am)  
This is an hour long class that incorporates elements of pilates, yoga and resistance training. Class uses a variety of props including balls, weights, bands, blocks and the ballet barre, "Beyond The Barre" is a high energy functional class that works your body from head to toe.   Cost: $20 per class/NM $26 Reg. Required.

ViPR – Wednesday - 8:30-9:30am 
Increase muscle strength, burn calories and reduce fat with this fun, yet challenging class.. Class will help you improve balance and flexibility and help you increase your strength and power. Reg. suggested.   Cost: $20/NM $26  per class


Body Sculpt –  Tu/Th 8:30-9:30am
This is a back to basics sculpt class with some step (Tues, Fri) and sculpt (M, W, TH) moves mixed together with light dumbbells. Class is a full body workout for ALL levels. Cost: $15 / NM $20-$25 per class.

Footworks – Weds and Friday 6:00-7:00am
Class is a higher level “step” type class.   Questions about class contact     Cost: $15/NM$20-$25 per class.


TRX Suspension Training – Saturday 9:00-10:00am Wednesday 6:00-7:00pm
Class is a designed to introduce you to the TRX suspension training system. Class will challenge you as you progress to harder exercise progressions. The workout develops your functional strength, stamina and flexibility, for tennis and other sports. Cost: $15 per class   To sign up e-mail Robin at:

Adult Hip Hop  – Tuesday     9:45-10:45am  
This Hip Hop dance class is designed to help you   loosen up, gain rhythm, and have fun while getting in your aerobic workout. Gain some dance confidence and have fun at the same time. All levels welcome! Cost: $15 /NM $20per class

Flow Yoga - Monday   6:30-7:30pm    
This class is designed for those that want to maintain flexibility while enhancing balance and core strength.  The class will include balancing poses, core strengthening and extensive head-to-toe stretching, incorporating Vinyasa, Hatha and restorative yoga techniques. Cost: $15/NM $20 per class

TABATA HIIT  - Wednesdays   8:30-9:00am    This is a high intensity interval class that takes place outside (weather permitting).   Short bouts of intense exercises are performed, followed by short bouts of rest or active rest.   This is a full body workout that can be modified for all levels.   Cost: Wednesday class is $10 per class. Friday class is $15/NM $20 per class

Yin   Vinyasa Yoga – Thursday 10:00am-11:15am  This class will teach the practitioner to build skills into flowing sequences with a focus on combining breath with movement and also "letting go" into stillness. The flowing movements in Vinyasa increase air and fire elements. Vinyasa yoga builds muscle and circulation as well as increases coordination. Cost: $15/NM$20 per class


Junior Fitness Classes

(for updated classes see the posted calendar or

Junior Sports Conditioning  (ages 9+)         

Tuesday and/or Thursday - 3:45-4:30pm       

 **registration is required for each session.   
Improve your 1st step speed and explosive strength and decrease your chances of getting injured on the field by developing leg, glute and core strength. Specific exercises will chosen based on your "functional movement" test results.  Each class will contain an element of general conditioning, explosive strength and core.      

  Cost: Members $15, NM $20 per class
(class size is limited to 6)       To register or for any questions contact   

Junior Open Gym Certification – By appointment only
This training program is for juniors who are looking for a weekly workout by a trainer or to get certified for “open gym”.   Juniors will need 4- Open Gym classes, plus 1 – “test out” session.   All juniors ages 11-13 must go through “open gym training” before they are able to use the gym with a parent. or to qualify for open gym.   Open gym is: summer only- M-Th 10am-12pm, 3-5pm   To get your junior certified email

Studio Rincon Dance  -  September 13th - December 13th (no class week of Thanksgiving

Pre-Ballet (ages 3-6yrs)   Tuesday / 2:00-2:45pm    &   Pre-Ballet Dance & Tap(ages 6-8yrs)  / Tuesday 3:15-4:05
The young dancer (ages 3-6yr.olds) will learn principles of ballet through a variety of fun, informative and engaging kid-friendly methods. Proper class etiquette is also delivered in an enthusiastic and nurturing environment, preparing your child for a confident future in dance and musicals. Cost: $300/NM$365  
Instructor: Anna Alioto   To register go to    

Junior Yoga with Heidi-        Monday / 4:00-5:00pm
Using yoga postures to build inner and outer strength and flexibility are the main focus of this class. Experience emotional balance through the physical and mental benefits of yoga by practicing breathing exercises, flowing sequences, balancing poses and deep relaxation while building a healthy relationship with your body. Positive self-awareness and esteem are encouraged. Mondays 4-5pm. Cost: $100/NM$130 (6 sessions) Minimum of 6 needed to start this class.   Registration is required       (Min. 6 is needed to start this class)


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To sign up or for any questions about classes contact