2018 Mantaray Summer Swim Team Registration is Live! Register here:
Aquatics Program Options
There are fun and challenging programs in the pools every week, year-round. The staff is always excited to see club members and folks from the surrounding community participating in aquatics activities. Find something from the list below and resolve to get in the water soon. We'll see you this week!
Lessons for Kids
We have four instructors/coaches who work during the week to teach children how to be safe in the water and how to swim confidently and efficiently. Beginning this week you can book easily when you log onto the club website. Click Here for more information.
Clinics for Kids
These aren't lessons, but group workouts for ages 6-10 focusing on technique. Clinics are intended for swimmers who are preparing for summer swim team who aren't already committed to a year-round team. Clinics meet on Tuesday and Thursday from 3:45-4:30pm. 
Summer Swim School
Weeklong half-day program 9am-12pm for young swimmers age 3-5 focusing on promoting safe and fun aquatic recreation while learning to swim. Each day includes instruction, organized water games, snack and supervised out-of-water activities.
Lessons for Adults
Some of our instructors have extensive experience working with adults – from the beginning swimmer who'd like to swim laps without feeling winded all the time, to the more advanced swimmer eager to be more efficient on the butterfly. Underwater and above-water video is available, too. 
Workouts for Adults
On Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 6am and 9am & Saturday at 8am there is a coach on deck to work with adults for a one-hour workout. The official name is 'Masters' but too many people think that means you have to be a 'master' swimmer. Not true. Come talk with Caleb or Sarah Cohen on deck and they can get you going.
Intro to Masters Swimming
A 60-minute coached session for adults learning to add swimming to their exercise regimen. T/Th 9:30-10:30am. 
Swim Team for Kids
USA Youth Swim Program designed for swimmers age 5-18.  Practices and meets from September to July.  Regularly scheduled team-building and social events.  Head Coach:  Eric Turnquist, erict@alpinehills.us
Summer Swim Team (Mantarays)
Member-only swim program for swimmers age 4-18.  Coaches balance stroke training, competition and social events for a great summer experience. More info here. Young members who want the swim team experience but aren't ready for longer practices in deeper cooler water should try Mini Mantas. Find info here.
Deep Water Exercise for Adults
M-F 8:00-9:00am. Click Here for more information.
Lessons for Competitive Swimmers
Our club and community boasts talented swimmers of all ages. Alpine offers professional one-on-one instruction to those athletes. An additional option is Swim-Tech which utilizes above-water and under-water video to enhance the learning. 
Lap Swimming
Lap Swimming is available to Alpine membership during all hours of the day. During times of heavy pool usage (youth practices, hydro-fit, masters ) there may be fewer lanes available for lap swimming. See a general pool schedule here. If you're unclear as to which lanes are available for lap swimming, please ask one of the aquatic staff members. If you'd like feedback on your strokes or suggestions for your workout, drop by the Aquatics Department at any time.
Enjoy your swim!