Alpine Hills Junior Tennis Programs

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                                                                  Private Lessons --  Available all year round.


Learning a new skill takes focused time and effort even for children. The experienced staff of Alpine Hills offers one-to-one instruction. Get what you need in order to push your game to the next level. Contact  for details.


                                                                      Clinics --  Available all year round


Clinics are a great tool to learn the game of tennis whether your child is just beginning or a seasoned competitor. The Bronze, Silver, Gold and Diamond programs provide all that a young player needs to practice their skills. Clinics run all year round! Keep an eye out for great summer packages! Click here for year round program details. Click here for our Summer Schedule. Contact for more information.

                                                                     Camps -- Spring, Summer and Winter.  


Increase your youngsters frequency and duration of play with the many camps that are offered at Alpine. Click on the following links to register for our Back to School, Winter Break,  Spring Break, Summer Tennis Camps and Camp Alpine. Contact for more information.

                                                                    USTA/JTT --  Spring, Summer and Fall.

Come play on an Alpine Hills USTA/JTT team. Seasons run in the Spring, Summer and Fall. Players play in a variety of formats (Orange, Green, Coed, Same-Gender, U10, U12, U15, U18).  USTA/JTT is a fun way to hone one’s skills and grow in a team environment. Click here to register for Summer JTT or contact for details. 

                                                                   Alpine Leagues and Matchplay  Spring and Fall.

During the spring and the fall come out and join us Sunday evenings for supervised matchplay. Players practice matchplay scenarios while coaches offer feedback. Players are then assigned match-ups. Matchplay/Match Assignment is ideal for the competitively oriented junior who prefers matches to clinics. Contact for details.



Interclub is a 30 year long tradition in the Peninsula! Local clubs get together during the and play their juniors against each other. Interclub is a great introduction to the team format as well as an opportunity to mingle with your friends. Ideal for players of all skill levels and ages. Click Here to register for Summer Interclub! Contact for details.